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Character Matters

As many of you have already seen, Coach Jakacki & Coach Lieberth value your personality, virtues, character, and leadership more than your performance on the track! Our ultimate goal is to help you become the best version of yourself for a lifetime of happiness! Success in life is defined and measured by the content of your character, your leadership, and your contribution to the betterment of your families, community, and the world. The Character Matters lessons we'll be implementing every week this season will reinforce a lot of these ideals! More specifically, the 13 character qualities are listed below to help guide your learning this season!

Character Qualities - your character determines your performance, and your performance demonstrates your character. 

G ratitude -          "Be Thankful" (to make known to others in what ways they have benefited my life)

O ptimistic -        "Be Hopeful" (a hopeful and positive view of future outcomes)

T ruthful -            "Be Honest" (to tell the truth; the real state of things; the facts)

H umility -           "Be Grounded" (being humble and considering others better than yourself)

E nergy -             "Be Productive" (taking vigorous action; capacity for performing work)

D iscipline -        "Be Solid" (the ability to perform in a controlled and calm way even in difficult situations)

I mprove -           "Be Better" (to increase in value or quality; to grow or become mature)

S elfless -           "Be Caring" (to sacrifice one's self to benefit others)

T enacious -       "Be Persistent" (not easily pulled apart; holding fast together to stay the course & continue)

A ttitude -           "Be Positive" (a mental position and feeling expressed by behavior)

N o I in Team -    "Be Together" (a cooperative effort by a team to achieve a common goal)

C onfident -        "Be Brave" (a belief that one will act in a right and effective way)

E ndure -             "Be Determined" (an inner strength to finish the things that are before me)

Every week, Coach Jakacki and Coach Lieberth will be awarding one athlete who has learned and demonstrated the character quality for that particular week exceptionally well! Additionally, all athletes will be considered when determining who will be honored with our "Competitor of the Season" award for the athlete that demonstrates gratitude, optimism, truthfulness, humility, energy, discipline, improvement, selflessness, tenacity, attitude, no I in team, confidence, and endurance exceptionally well!

Character Qualities Competitors of the Week
March 5th "Gratitude" winners:                                        Jade Bretz
               Mitchell Battiest
March 12th "Optimism" winners:                                     Slate Bretz
               Connor Thigpen
March 19th "Truthful" winners:                                    Alyssa Blasiole
                                                 Chris Hager
March 26th "Humility" winners:                                   Laney Maschek
                                               Johnny Peters
April 2nd "Energy" winners:                                         Katie Fosnight
                                             Bryce Pruszynski
April 9th "Discipline" winners:                                    Lydia Faldowski
                                               Frank Fugman
April 16th "Improve" winners:                                        Zoe Simmons
                                               Andrew Gullett
 April 23rd "Selfless" winners:                                         Riley Smith
                                                Aaron Saffels
 April 30th "Tenacious" winners:                                     Megan Hale
                                                  Joey Peters
 May 7th "Attitude" winners:                                         Laney Maschek
                                                     Nick Vilt
 May 14th "No I in Team" winners:                               Lydia Faldowski
                                                 Jason Green
 May 21st "Confident" winners:                                      Zoe Simmons
                                                Frank Fugman
 May 28th "Endure" winners:                                         Alyssa Blasiole
                                                 Landon Little
 Competitors of the Season:                                       Alyssa Blasiole
                    Aaron Saffels

Coach Jakacki & Coach Lieberth's "Why We Coach" statements:

I am a transformational coach who has the position, power, and platform to make a positive difference in the lives of my athletes. I coach to help boys and girls become men and women of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for good. I allow for accountability and take responsibility for my actions.

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